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bonfire n : a large outdoor fire [syn: balefire]

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From bone + fire.


  • a UK /ˈbɒnfaɪə/


  1. A fire in which bones were burned.
  2. A fire to burn unwanted or disreputable items or people; proscribed books, heretics etc.
  3. A large, controlled outdoor fire, as a signal or to celebrate something.

Derived terms


large, outdoor controlled fire
  • Dutch: vreugdevuur
  • Finnish: kokko
  • French: feu de joie
  • German: Freudenfeuer
  • Italian: falò
  • Korean: 화톳불 (hwatotbul), 모닥불 (modakbul)
  • Norwegian: bål
  • Portuguese: fogueira
  • Russian: костёр
  • Slovene: kres
  • Spanish: fogata

See also

  • balefire, implying baleful fire
  • bale akin to Old High German balo, Old Norse böl "evil, destruction, disaster"
  • bale akin to Old English bœl, Old Norse bál "bonfire, fire"

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See also campfire.

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